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Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center

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Sustaining our work into the next decade

Synberc aims to be the leading organization in the US to bring together the synthetic biology community to provide the future vision for synthetic biology, catalyze leading-edge research and education programs, and promote dialogue about synthetic biology among policy-makers and other members of the public. 

We have developed a Synberc Sustainability Plan with the following goals:

  1. Establish itself as a widely accepted catalyst and voice for the US synthetic biology research and education communities.
  2. Bring the synthetic biology research and education communities together to envision and communicate our future research and education aims and needs.
  3. Work with federal, state and local government agencies to transform the vision and goals into funded research and education programs.
  4. Convene researchers to develop proposals for pre-competitive research programs that will address key research needs identified in the vision- and goal-setting processes and coordinate these efforts with other US-based and international centers.
  5. Convene educators to develop new education and training resources that will address key educational and workforce needs.
  6. Inculcate values of leadership and service by providing practitioners with the knowledge, training, networks, and venues needed to responsibly advance the field.
  7. Convene members of the public, including policy-makers, to discuss the challenges and contribute to the vision and goals of the synthetic biology community.

Prior work in this area

Synberc, with support from The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, conducted a one-year sustainability initiative to develop a strategic action plan to extend the efforts begun by Synberc to advance the field of synthetic biology in the US. Nationally, about 100 researchers already are involved in Synberc-organized working groups to define our shared vision as well as the field’s key needs and priorities. That report was presented at the Spring 2014 Symposium at Berkeley. There was strong support for sustaining Synberc's unique community and research efforts, and the sustainability plan above builds on the findings of the initial report.

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