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Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center

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Synberc around the web

Synberc's presence on the web is growing as we seek to engage a broader range of stakeholders about synthetic biology through social media and other venues. Here are a number of places you can Synberc and synthetic biology around the web:

  • The Synberc YouTube Page has a number of synthetic biology videos about ongoing projects and events within Synberc and abroad
  • The Synberc Twitter Page streams latest news tidbits, observations, and happenings.
  • The Synberc LinkedIn Page is a forum for the professional research community to share information about the synthetic biology industry and field
  • The Synberc Facebook Page is geared toward the broader community and aims to share news and happenings from the community that may be of interest to public audiences as well as the research community.
  • The Synberc Pinterest Page highlights women in synthetic biology, Synberc workshops and events, and the Synberc and synthetic biology community in general.

If you have something you'd like to post to Synberc pages, we'd love to hear from you -- drop us a line at