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Synberc Scholars Program

Initiated in 2013, the Synberc Scholars Program is designed to encourage greater diversity and participation of undergraduates in faculty labs across the ERC. Scholars are nominated by a Synberc PI or affiliate and must be from a group underrepresented in the STEM fields. Students perform research during the school year and attend at least one Synberc retreat per year, where they present a poster of their research results. In addition, each student will be paired with a graduate student at another campus who meets with them periodically to provide advice and mentorship and attend monthly video teleconferences on professional development, presenting thier research and pursuing career opportunities in STEM. We are currently accepting nominations until August 31, 2015 for 2015-6 Synberc Scholars conducting research at Synberc core and affiliate labs. The program begins in early September.

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2014-5 Synberc Scholars
2015-6 Synberc Scholars