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Synberc InsideSynberc Registry
The Synberc Registry provides professional quality parts created within Synberc to the broader research community. It also aims to help advance the shift toward the engineering paradigm by providing tools for biologists so that they can transition from existing cloning methodologies to a parts-oriented paradigm. The Registry is built on the ICE platform, which is also free to use.

The BIOFAB: International Open Facility Advancing Biotechnology (BIOFAB) (2009-2012) was founded as the world's first biological design-build facility. This professionally staffed public-benefit facility produced broadly useful collections of standard biological parts are freely available to both academic and commercial users, while also developing methods for the rapid design and prototyping of genetic constructs needed to support specific needs of partner efforts. 

Rosetta Backrub
Rosetta Backrub is the flexible backbone protein structure modeling and design server of the Kortemme Lab. The server utilizes the "backrub" method, first described by Davis et al. for flexible protein backbone modeling implemented in Rosetta.

Ribosome Binding Site (RBS) Calculator
The RBS Calculator is a tool developed by Howard Salis, then a postdoctoral researcher in the Voigt Lab, that can be used to control several devices within a synthetic biological system. The RBS calculator has been licensed by multiple Synberc and non-Synberc companies, and has been incorporated into Vector NTI, a molecular biology software package commercialized by Synberc Industry Partner Thermo Fisher

Clotho was developed by Synberc researchers and affiliates for engineering synthetic biological systems and managing the data which is used to create them. It also provides a mechanism to begin the process of creating standardized data, algorithms, and methodologies for synthetic biology.

Looking for like-minded researchers and/or resources for synthetic biology research? The links below offer a starting point.