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Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center

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Pre-college courses & curricula

The materials below were developed by researchers and educators associated with Synberc and are freely available to high school teachers and science educators.

BioBuilder   BioBuilder - A resource for hand-on activities and informative animations that explain fundamental content in synthetic biology, science, engineering and biology. Click here to enter BioBuilder and discover the potential for synthetic biology to change the world.


Berkeley Engineering Research Experiences for Teachers (BERET)   Standards-based Lessons for Middle and High School - Created by teacher fellows in the Berkeley Engineering Research Experiences for Teachers (BERET) program. Lessons are available in such subjects as synthetic biology, chemistry, biology, molecular biology, microbiology, physics, mathematics, and more!



iCLEM Biofuels Research Project   iCLEM Biofuels Research Project - ICLEM engages high school juniors and seniors in an 8-week summer biofuels research project. The overall goal of the project is to isolate novel cellulase enzymes that more efficiently deconstruct cellulose, which would ultimately help make renewable biofuels a viable alternative to non-renewable fossil fuels. Students learn basic techniques in microbiology including aseptic technique, PCR, electrophoresis, DNA quantification, DNA sequencing, basic bioinformatics techniques, and isolation of genomic DNA. Click here to request a free copy of the iCLEM Student Manual.


SEED Synthetic Biology Course   SEED Synthetic Biology Course - An eight-unit molecular biology/synthetic biology course for high school seniors that identifies and focuses on the top three “must knows” of synthetic biology, connecting these ideas to labs. Detailed lesson plans teach students how to construct and conduct the experiments that lead to discovery, and opening their eyes to the possibility that they are capable of hatching the next big idea. Click here to request a copy of the SEED Synthetic Biology Lab Manual.

 For additional information about these materials, please contact Shaila Kotadia, Synberc Education & Outreach Manager.