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Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center

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How to join

Synberc is a non-profit organization relying on our member companies' contributions. Our standard contribution is set at $30,000 per year. We recognize that some smaller companies, who are nevertheless critical to the success of our mission, may struggle to afford this amount. We have therefore instituted a membership fee schedule giving breaks to smaller companies as per the below. We encourage you to contribute a greater share according to your company's abilities.

If you would like to join our community and become a Synberc member company, please return a signed copy of our membership agreement as PDF to Leonard Katz.

Company size Annual membership fee
Large (>500 employees) $30,000
Medium (61-500 employees) $12,000
Small (11-60 employees) $3,000
Startup (1-10 employees) $1,000
Not-for-profit $5,000