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Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center

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Retreats and workshops
Twice annually, Synberc’s entire community gets together for confidential, closed-door retreat open to members and invited guests only. This intimacy creates a trusted environment within which our academics feel comfortable sharing their latest research successes and failures long before these make it into publications and patent applications. By request, member companies are also welcome to present scientific talks and posters. These meetings are your one-stop shop for the latest bioengineering know-how and tools from the leaders of the field.

Our Spring Retreats traditionally take place at UC Berkeley on the West Coast, and our Fall Retreats at MIT on the East Coast. Additionally, we organize ad-hoc workshops dedicated to particular areas of interest. Recent examples include workshops in plant, mammalian, and yeast synthetic biology.

Take a sneak peak into one of our retreats:

Synberc’s retreats and other events are a spectacular pre-competitive venue for directly interacting with the leading academics in the field, R&D executives at our member companies (ranging from startups to large multinationals), as well as our advisers in public policy, safety, security, and ethics. This routinely leads to sponsored research projects, industry partnerships, and business deals.

As a Synberc member company, you and your colleagues will be able to track and mentor top students and postdocs across the years - it is them who present the vast majority of talks and posters at our symposia - and acquire the right talent when you need it.

Members-only website
Synberc’s intranet website has you covered: past talk slides, posters, publications, profiles and contact details, resumes and job listings, as well as available intellectual property.

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For more information, contact:
Peter Ackermann
Industry Liaison Officer
+1 (650) 701-7025