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iGEM at UC Berkeley

Please visit the UCSF iGEM team page to learn about opportunities for the 2016 team.

Research opportunities are available for highly-motivated UC Berkeley undergraduates for the UCSF iGEM team in 2015: 

The UCSF iGEM team is seeking enthusiastic and motivated applicants to join for this summer! Any students from Bay Area high schools, community or junior colleges, or universities are encouraged to apply.

Team members will work with 7-9 other undergraduate students and recent high school graduates to complete a group project in synthetic biology, working closely with UCSF researchers and graduate students. Teams are required to design a website, poster, and oral presentation on their work to be presented at the iGEM Jamboree with over 200 international teams! Please explore the Synberc iGEM website to learn more about the program.

All work will take place at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus. Availability should be 40 hrs/wk June 8-Aug 21. Students will be compensated with a living stipend. In order to prepare for the competition, students should expect some amount of work (~5hr/wk) to practice presentations and finish materials between Aug 22 and Sept 23. Participation in the iGEM Jamboree in Boston, Sept 24-28, is mandatory, and all travel expenses will be covered.

Applications are due March 31, but interviews will begin on a rolling basis starting March 15. Please visit for more information and to apply.

An information session at UC Berkeley is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, in 177 Stanley at 5pm. Please join us to learn more about this great opportunity!

Past opportunities included (these will not be offered in 2015 but may be revived in the future): 

Special Projects in Synthetic Biology (SPSB)
SPSB is a new team-based program that offers five undergraduates an intense, graduate-level research experience working together to plan, execute, and present a new project in the Dueber Lab. The program will take place from May 27 and through August 15. The program strives to provide a level of autonomy while still providing students with constructive mentorship, and making certain there is ample host lab investment in the success of the team’s project. The team will present their work in at least one campus-wide seminar series and ultimately aim for a publication. We will have weekly meetings to discuss progress and the team members are expected to eventually gain similar independence to that of a graduate student. 

The joint UCSF/UCB iGEM team is seeking two UCB undergraduates to join the team. iGEM, or the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition, is the "Olympics" of synthetic biology. Students will work in a team of approximately 8 other undergraduate and high school students over the summer on a joint project in synthetic biology. Ideal candidates will be sophomores or juniors with relevant coursework in molecular biology and biochemistry. Previous wet lab experience, specifically in cloning and bacteria/yeast, as well as competence in data analysis/mathematical modeling in MatLab, are preferred. All work will take place at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus. Availability should be 40 hrs/wk May 27-Aug 22, and approximately 10-15 hrs/wk thereafter until Oct. 30. Participation in the iGEM Jamboree in Boston, Oct 30-Nov 3, is mandatory, and all expenses will be covered.


Applicants must be enrolled in undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley. We welcome students from a wide range of disciplines, including:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • bioengineering
  • chemical engineering
  • chemical biology
  • molecular and cell biology
  • integrative biology
  • computational biology
  • mathematics
  • electrical engineering
  • computer science

To learn more about UC Berkeley's past iGEM teams and projects, click below: