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Expanding Potential Reflections

Read about diversity and inclusion perspectives relating to the Expanding Potential program. If you want to share your thoughts or experiences, please email Shaila Kotadia, Synberc's Education, Outreach, and Diversity Manager and Expanding Potential co-organizer.

The Expanding Potential program was originally started by Shaila Kotadia, Synberc's Education, Outreach, and Diversity Manager, and Sabriya Rosemond, Synberc's first Diversity Fellow, to expand Synberc's diversity efforts and to consider diversity and inclusion when building the fabric of the Synberc, synthetic biology, and the larger STEM community.

The first Expanding Potential Workshop took place in November of 2014. 

The first Expanding Potential Meet Up took place in June of 2015.

The second Expanding Potential Workshop took place in January of 2016.

The 2015-6 Expanding Potential Seed Project Awards were completed in March of 2016.

The second Expanding Potential Meet Up took place in March of 2016.

The third Expanding Potential Meet Up took place in April of 2016.