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Expanding Potential Meet Ups

Local STEM communities face their own challenges and having intimate gatherings can provide a safe space for dialogue and discussion on a number of topics related to diversity and inclusion. We encourage and help assist the organization of Expanding Potential Meet Ups in your neighborhood on any focus important to your particular underrepresented group.


The third meet up was held at UC Berkeley and focused on gender identity. Billy Curtis of UC Berkeley’s Gender Equity Resource Center presented on foundational concepts and critical information about gender identity and trans*-related issues, which allowed participants to better integrate trans*-inclusive practices into their work practices and department. Read about the meet up here.

(Download a flyer for the second and third meet up.)


The second meet up was held in Berkeley, CA on bystander intervention. finn schneider of UC Berkeley’s Bears That Care and Cat Adams of the Unconscious Bias Project shared practical and empowering advice on how members of the STEM community can help protect one another from bias-related harm. Read more about the meet up here.


The first Expanding Potential Meet Up was held in Albany, CA. The evening consisted of conversations about how to create inclusive programs for underrepresented groups and how to address the complete gender spectrum. We held "living room" conversations in pairs of speakers (Marlena Jackson and Shannon Noonan, Julia Chang and Nol Simonse) with a performance challenging gender norms by Nol Simonse. This was followed by lively informal discussion and mingling.

To organize your own meet-up, please contact the Expanding Potential organizers:

  • Shaila Kotadia, Education and Outreach Manager, Synberc
  • Kevin Costa, Managing Director, Synberc,