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Expanding Potential 2016 Workshop

Date: January 30-31, 2016
Location: Stanley Hall, UC Berkeley
The Expanding Potential 2016 Workshop was a resounding success with tremendous speakers, an engaging panel, and inspirational on-the-ground work! A downloadable pdf of each presentation can be found on the program page. Please credit presenters if using or disseminating any of the slides.

Here is a background for the workshop, summary of the event, values and outcomes, survey analysis, and quotes and testimonials for the Expanding Potential 2016 Workshop.

The Second Expanding Potential Workshop took place on January 30-31, 2016 at Stanley Hall at UC Berkeley. In addition to regular attendance, abstracts were accepted for attendees to share their own programs to generate a more inclusive STEM enviroment via a lightning talk, a table during the networking lunch, and/or a poster.

The overall goal of this workshop was to bring participants together with program creators to understand ways in which groups experience bias and programmatic solutions for combating them. On Day 1, the workshop focused on the experience of participants, how different underrepresented groups experience bias in very different ways, and provided some practical and personal strategies for overcoming them. On Day 2, we turned our attention toward action-oriented programs to increase retention of underrepresented groups in STEM fields by cultivating a welcoming environment. We also shared examples of how attendees themselves can adopt these programs at their local institutions, companies, or organizations to generate a more inclusive landscape. The audience also had time to share problems that they face with program developers, so that developers and seed program creators can respond to participants' needs.

Expanding Potential 2016 Workshop Program

Is inclusivity important to your organization, university, or company? Show your commitment to making a positive change by sponsoring the Expanding Potential program!

A special thank you to the 2016 Expanding Potential Workshop Advisory Board, Steering Committee, and Volunteers for their guidance in direction for the meeting and/or help with organizing the meeting!

Advisory Board:
Anastacia Berzat - Novartis
Meltem Erol - University of California, Berkeley
Emily LeProust - Twist Bioscience
Nerayo Teclemariam - Sandia National Lab
Lisa Walker - University of California, Berkeley

Steering Committee:
Monica Albe - University of California, Berkeley
Swati Carr - Boston University
Brian Castellano - University of California, Berkeley
Kara Helmke - University of California, San Francisco
Lauren Lui - University of California, Berkeley
Sabriya Rosemond - University of California, Berkeley

Cynthia Chen - University of California, Berkeley
Rebecca Durr - University of California, Berkeley
Alicia Taylor - University of California, Berkeley
Jennifer Trinh - University of California, Santa Cruz

For questions, please contact the workshop organizers:

  • Shaila Kotadia, Education and Outreach Manager, Synberc
  • Kevin Costa, Managing Director, Synberc,

Hotel info: Synberc negotiated with Hotel Durant (hotel link) a limited number of rooms at a group discount rate of $186 single or double occupancy per night plus tax (check in January 29, check out January 31). To obtain this rate, book before Dec 29, 2015, or call 800-238-7268 and ask for the Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center rate. You can also book via email to For other hotel-related questions, please email Fernando Del Rosario at


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