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Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center

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The mission of Synberc’s education and outreach program is to educate a new cadre of synthetic biologists at the post-doctoral, graduate, undergraduate, and pre-college levels capable of constructing biological components from first-order engineering principles.

We aim to provide scientists with the opportunity to learn about engineering ideas and physical and quantitative problems in biology, and engineers with the opportunity to learn about biology by pursuing their natural inclination to build. We seek to leverage existing, broadly distributed education and outreach networks to maximize program impact; to develop projects that can be replicated and/or adapted by educators at other institutions and settings; to thoroughly evaluate our program outcomes; and to incorporate best practices into continuous program improvement.

Please browse our sections on College Programs, Pre-College Programs, and Teaching Resources for more details about our many efforts to train the next generation of synthetic biologists. 

Synberc is a program within the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3), a partnership between the UC campuses at Berkeley, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz, and industry and venture partners. QB3 plays a key role in helping Synberc to achieve its education and outreach goals.

Synberc Education Team

  • Susan Marqusee, Education Program Director
  • Natalie Kuldell, Associate Director
  • Shaila Kotadia, Education & Outreach Manager

Susan Marqusee
Education Program Director

Natalie Kuldell
Associate Director
Shaila Kotadia
Shaila Kotadia
Education & Outreach Manager