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Synberc Diversity and Inclusion Fellows

To better understand the issues that prevent students and postdocs from diverse backgrounds from feeling included in the synthetic biology, and more generally STEM, field, Synberc began a Diversity Fellows program. We find that hearing the honest perspectives from students and postdocs shed light on the true nature of inclusivity in the classroom and workplace. The result is a great enhancement of our diversity and inclusion efforts and the creation of a culture within our center where all feel included. In addition to our Fellows, we also welcome perspectives from anyone that is a part of the Synberc community. We can better serve our community by hearing their voices.

Synberc Diversity Fellows are required to be in a Synberc lab, must apply and interview for the position, and participate on the Synberc diversity team. Dependent on their interests, the Fellows can participate in a variety of ways including taking part in developing and planning diversity and inclusion programmatic efforts or being the diversity liaison for the Student and Postdoc Association (SPA).

2013-5 Fellow: Sabriya Rosemond

Sabriya Rosemond was the inaugural fellow for Synberc. She helped establish Synberc's diversity and inclusion programs including the equity at the podium effort and the Expanding Potential program. Her perspective truly shaped our initial approach to creating a more inclusive landscape for Synberc. Sabriya continues to participate in Synberc's diversity and inclusion efforts by serving on the Expanding Potential steering committee.

2015-6 Fellows: Swati Carr and Bernardo Cervantes

Swati Carr is currently the Synberc Diversity Fellow that is intimately involved with the Expanding Potential program. She is a member of the Expanding Potential steering committee and will serve on the trainee perspectives panel for the 2016 workshop. She also adds value as a member of the Synberc diversity team. Swati has recently graduated with her Ph.D. at Boston University. We would like to congratulate her on her success and her service for Synberc's diversity efforts!

Bernardo Cervantes is currently the Diversity Liaison for theĀ Student and Postdoc Association (SPA). He ensures that all SPA activities are equitable and tries to eliminate any bias that may occur through any application processes, awards, or representation for the center. Bernardo participates on the Synberc diversity team as well.