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Courses & Curricula

The materials below have been developed by Synberc investigators, postdocs and graduate students and are freely available for use at other institutions. 

Principles of Synthetic Biology   Principles of Synthetic Biology - Synberc investigators Adam Arkin and Ron Weiss are currently adapting materials from their Principles of Synthetic Biology course as the basis for a synthetic biology textbook intended for upper level undergraduate and lower level graduate students. The course 1) introduces the basics of synthetic biology, including quantitative cellular network characterization and modeling, 2) introduces the principles of discovery and genetic factoring of useful cellular activities into reusable functions for design, 3) inculcates the principles of biomolecular system design and diagnosis of designed systems, and 4) illustrates cutting-edge applications in synthetic biology and to enhance skill in analyzing and designing synthetic biological applications.


Synberc Certificate in Synthetic Biology   Synberc Certificate in Synthetic Biology - Synberc offers a Certificate in Synthetic Biology to undergraduates working in Synberc-affiliated labs, or to those currently enrolled at MIT or UC Berkeley. The Certificate will be available to students at other institutions as of spring 2013. To be eligible for the Certificate a student must complete a sequence of courses that are easily met within most undergraduate programs in bioengineering and chemical engineering, and, with selected electives, can also be met within the major requirements for molecular biology, microbiology, or chemical biology. 


Concentration in Synthetic Biology   UC Berkeley BioEngineering-Concentration in Synthetic Biology - Synberc investigators led the development of one of the first undergraduate degree concentrations in synthetic biology offered through UC Berkeley's Bioengineering Department. The concentration focuses on providing students with a broad set of skills in qualitative and quantitative knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology, laboratory skills in biotechnology, and engineering concepts that span the range from chemical engineering to computer science. Graduates with a concentration in synthetic biology are prepared to work broadly in the field of biotechnology, and specifically in research, pharma, and energy applications.


Lab Fundamentals Bootcamp   Lab Fundamentals Bootcamp - A five-day molecular biology experimental primer that covers the basics of microbiology and molecular biology, research methods, safety and human practices, experimental design, and demonstrations of basic techniques likely to be encountered in a molecular biology lab. The course curriculum is freely available to instructors. Click here to request the Bootcamp curriculum.


Synthetic Biology Tutorial   Synthetic Biology Tutorials - A series of self-guided tutorials focusing on the theoretical aspects of DNA manipulations and design. Developed by Chris Anderson and Adam Arkin, UC Berkeley.


Synthetic Biology Wet Lab Videos   Synthetic Biology Wet Lab Videos - A series of over 100 short training videos (most under 10 mins) covering practical day-to-day protocols used in synthetic biology. Developed by Gabriel Lopez, Anderson Lab, UC Berkeley.


Graduate & Undergraduate Courses   College Level Courses - Lectures and materials for three synthetic biology courses developed by Chris Anderson, Adam Arkin, and Ron Weiss are now freely available upon request: Synthetic Biology LabGenetic Devices, and Principles of Synthetic Biology


  Bioethics Courses - Terry Johnson and Chris Anderson have developed two videos about the broader safety and security aspects of synthetic biology: Traditional Biological Risk Assessment and Responsible Conduct in Synthetic Biology.

 For additional synthetic biology resources, communities, articles, references, and websites, click here.