Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center

Industry program

Synberc brings together 37 principle investigators at 18 institutions, hundreds of their students and postdocs, as well as 47 member companies. Our academics are at the forefront of advanced bioengineering (“synthetic biology”), working in areas as diverse as computer-aided design of biological systems, genome editing, precise gene expression control, biosensors, cellular logic devices and effectuators, protein engineering, metabolic engineering, and artificial morphogenesis.

Synberc’s goal is to develop pre-competitive know-how and technologies making the engineering of organisms across the board easier, faster, and more predictable.

Our member companies provide crucial guidance, helping our academics identify foundational, yet industrially relevant projects with broad, pre-competitive appeal. They also mentor and later hire our Ph.D. students and postdocs; and they contribute membership fees supporting the running of the center, including our twice annual members-only symposia.

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For more information, contact:
Peter Ackermann
Industry Liaison Officer
+1 (650) 701-7025